Egg Mixer

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Egg Cracked

Built-In Egg Cracker

Easily crack eggs using the built-in egg cracker.

Egg Separator

Removable Egg Separator

Quickly separate eggs for low-cholesterol dishes, or simply set the separator aside when using the entire egg.


BlenderBall® Wire Whisk

The patented mixing system uses the stainless-steel whisk ball to mix ingredients as you shake.

Egg Mixer - Egg

Mixes Up to 8 Eggs

This little guy is deceptively large, able to mix up to 8 eggs with ease.

Measurements, Markings, OZ & ML

Simple Measurements

Printed markings (cups and milliliters) make it easy to measure out ingredients.

30 Second Cleanup, Stars

Dishwasher Safe

All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions
Because no one likes extra dishes or yolky countertops. So we made a tool that can crack, separate, whisk, and easily pour your egg mixtures into the frying pan.
It’s perfect for making omelets, scrambled eggs, crepes, or french toast egg mixtures.
You bet. We recommend removing the egg cracker and yolk separator and putting all parts on the top rack. You can toss the BlenderBall® into the silverware bin.
As many as you want, as long as it’s eight or less.
Visit our support page for more answers to common questions >
Product Details
Materials, Chemistry
Material:   Polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, thermoplastic elastomers, stainless steel (Heavy-duty BlenderBall®)
Dimensions, Ruler
Dimensions:   Height: 6.4 inches - Diameter at widest point: 3.6 inches
Volume, Cylinder, Can
Volume:   2.5 Cups / 591 mL
Weight, Scale
Weight:   0.3 pounds
  • Built-in egg cracker
  • Removable egg separator
  • Measurement markings
  • BlenderBall ®
  • StayOpen™ flip top for easy pouring