About Us

Simply. Better.™

With the ever-increasing demands on our time, setting aside hours a day to prepare healthy meals is difficult—if not impossible. Whiskware brand products are designed to make cooking easier, faster, and healthier, so you can spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your meal. 

Why "Whiskware?"

The word "whisk" has two meanings:

1) take or move something quickly

2) beat or stir with a rapid movement

Whiskware brand products simplify and improve everyday life by making it easier to prepare and enjoy healthy meals. Our products help individuals move from cookbook to tabletop in a faster, easier manner. Additionally, several of our products (including our three flagship products, the Dressing Shaker, Egg Mixer, and Batter Mixer), feature the BlenderBall® wire whisk—an amazingly powerful kitchen tool that makes light work of many mixing needs.

Taken together, these two definitions of the word "whisk" made for a natural fit for our new line of kitchen solutions.

Company Background

Whiskware™ brand products are designed and manufactured by the BlenderBottle Company, the worldwide leader in portable mixing and owners of the BlenderBottle® line of health and fitness products. Established in 2000, the BlenderBottle® Company manufactures innovative, high-quality products that simplify and improve everyday life.