Pancakes are one of America’s favorite breakfast foods, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re basically cake for breakfast. Except that instead of square slices, they’re round stacks; and instead of being covered in frosting, they’re smothered with syrup. They’re hardly a healthy breakfast (aside from Kodiak Cakes—that mix is delicious and nutritious, and I’m obsessed), but nothing quite screams “weekend!” like pancakes.

Mastering the traditional round pancake isn’t terribly difficult, but if you’re ready to take your griddle game to the next level, read on. Our new Pancake Art Kit opens up a whole new world of possibilities, practically guaranteeing that you’ll be the coolest parent on the block. (What other kid can say their mom/dad makes them octopus, bunny, or bicycle pancakes for breakfast??)

1. Bicycle Pancake

Create an off-road adventure right on your breakfast plate. Use cinnamon sugar, nutmeg, or crumbled cookie to create some rocky terrain for your bike. 


2. Ice Cream Cone Pancake

Tell your kids that they’re having ice cream for breakfast and rock their world. This simple pancake can be topped with a whole slew of different items and make breakfast time a real treat.


3. Caterpillar Pancake

Cook up a bunch of small circles on the griddle, then let your kids help arrange them to create this lovable pancake critter. If you don’t have (or want to use) icing, you can use blueberries or chocolate chips for the eyes and cut a small sliver of a strawberry for the mouth.


4. Dragonfly Pancake

There’s something about kids and bugs. Whip up this dragonfly pancake (thankfully cuter than a real dragonfly…) and let your kids get creative by building a scene on the plate using sliced fruit!


5. Owl Pancake

This particular pancake doesn’t need the Pancake Art Bottle to create—all you need is two circles and a few pieces of fruit. Pre-slice the fruit and give your kids the video below to let them build the owl themselves!


What ideas have you used to make breakfast fun for your kids? Share in the comments below!

December 01, 2016

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