Dish up delicious breakfasts with these unexpected three-Ingredient omelet ideas.
Denver Omelet? Ham and cheese? Boring! There’s nothing wrong with these standard omelets, exactly, but they do lack a certain level of creativity. Eggs go great with just about anything, so we’re encouraging you to think outside the everyday omelet box.
Consider your omelet as a blank canvas, and yourself a culinary Rembrandt. (Or, maybe just an Etsy addict—but you get the picture.). Go ahead and experiment. Get creative and crafty with your food. And if you stick to three-ingredient combos, your prep and cook time will be simple, but you’ll still have enough flavor flexibility to put a masterpiece on your plate.
In case you need added inspiration (or are just too darn hungry at the moment to think), we’ve come up with plenty of combos to kick off your omelet experimentation. But first, let’s talk basics. Here’s a primer on omelet cooking. Start with this base, then we’ll specify when to add each ingredient from the groupings below.
Basic Omelet Instructions

  • Crack 2–3 eggs into the Whiskware Egg Mixer. Add a pinch of sea salt and black pepper, close the top, and whisk well.
  • Heat a small amount of butter or olive oil in a small non-stick frying pan over low heat.
  • If any ingredients need to be sautéed, add them now.
  • Pour eggs into the pan and rotate the pan, so that the eggs spread evenly across the bottom and coat any sautéed ingredients.
  • When the omelet starts to firm up, but there’s still some raw egg on top, add any remaining ingredients. Sprinkle them generously across half of the omelet.
  • Slide a spatula under the other half of the omelet and fold it over.
  • Cook until lightly golden brown on the bottom.
The Ingredient Combos
Now, on to the fun fixings. Again, these are just a handful of ideas. We hope you like them, but we’re also eager to see—and taste—the recipes you come up with on your own.
Summer Squash (yellow squash, fresh dill, feta cheese)
Refreshing summer flavor is a cinch with the addition of fresh dill. Before your eggs hit the pan, toss in julienned strips of summer squash and sauté for a few minutes. Next, add eggs as above. When the omelet starts to firm up, add crumbled feta and chopped fresh dill, fold the omelet, and finish cooking.
Island Twist (goat cheese, toasted macadamia nuts, sun-dried tomato)
Macadamia nuts conjure up an island getaway—and taste incredible alongside goat cheese and sun-dried tomato. Pour eggs in the pan and let the omelet firm up. Add crumbled goat cheese, chopped macadamia nuts, and sun-dried tomato strips. Fold the omelet and cook to a golden brown.
Pizza for Breakfast (pineapple, red onion, black olive)
Oh yeah, we went there. Because pizza (or pizza-inspired eggs) for breakfast is always a brilliant idea. Sauté sliced onions for a few minutes (until just translucent) before adding the eggs. Add diced pineapple chunks and sliced olives right before folding your omelet in half.
French Picnic (apples, brie cheese, walnuts)
Oo-la-la! Have a picnic at home with this French-inspired combo. Add thin slices of crisp apple, thick slices of Brie cheese, and roughly chopped walnuts once the eggs are nearly cooked.
Green Flash (spinach, avocado, green onion)
Stock up on greens for a healthy start to your day. First, add chopped green onion and sauté for about a minute. Then add spinach leaves, and continue to sauté just long enough so that the spinach starts to wilt. Now pour in the eggs, and once they start to firm, add diced avocado.
Earth Day (fennel, mushroom, parmesan cheese)
Earthy flavors fuse together in this savory omelet. Sauté fennel and mushrooms for a few minutes, until soft. Add the eggs, then top with shaved Parmesan cheese just before folding the eggs in half.
Love Fest (artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, fresh parsley)
Embrace breakfast with artichoke hearts, olives, and fresh herbs. Rinse, drain, and roughly chop canned artichoke hearts. Sauté the hearts for about a minute, then add chopped, pitted Kalamata olives. Continue to sauté just long enough to warm the olives, then pour in the eggs. Just before folding the omelet, add plenty of chopped fresh parsley.
Birds of a Feather (red bell pepper, Swiss cheese, roast deli turkey)
Chicken eggs and deli turkey team up for a double poultry protein boost. Sauté diced bell pepper for a few minutes before adding the eggs. Once the eggs firm up, layer strips of julienned Swiss cheese and deli turkey, then fold and continue cooking until the cheese melts.
Go Grapes (gorgonzola, red grapes, spinach)
Yup, we’re putting grapes in an omelet. Because we can, and because they’re that good—especially with spinach and Gorgonzola. Sauté spinach just until it starts to wilt. Add eggs, and once firm top with crumbled Gorgonzola and halved red grapes.
Spice It Up (spicy chicken sausage, manchego cheese, pickled jalapenos)
Kickstart your day with a little jalapeno and spicy sausage heat. Slice pre-cooked spicy chicken sausage into small rounds and sauté until thoroughly heated. Pour eggs into pan and cook until mostly firm, then top with grated manchego cheese and sliced pickled jalapenos. Fold the omelet and allow the cheese to melt.
Now it’s your turn. What three-ingredient omelets can you concoct? Share your tastiest suggestions in the comments below.
June 05, 2017

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