It’s no surprise that since pancakes have been around for centuries, millions of people around the world love them and have put their own spin on their serving style and recipes. In fact, nearly every country and culture has a pancake-like food, each with their own unique name and slightly different ingredients. In America alone, we call them pancakes, flapjacks, hotcakes, griddle cakes, or Johnnycakes!  

To help you figure out the difference between these worldwide cakes, we’ve put together this handy dandy guide: 

Injera - This is what many nations in Africa call their pancakes, which are a spongy large flat bread that is usually served with dinner stews to be an edible utensil and napkin to help you soak up all of the delicious spicy flavors. 

Oyaki - In Japan, these types of pancakes are stuffed with vegetables like eggplant and are usually a lunch or snack item. The Japanese also eat sweet crepes and have made their own super puffy souffle-style pancakes served with butter and syrup. 

Alle Belle - Enjoyed in some parts of India, this sweet, flat pancake is usually served with tea and stuffed with coconut. 

Rishiki - Pakistanis love these sweet, chewy pancakes often served with honey. 


Blini/Blintzes - Are pancakes found in Russia and Eastern Europe. They’re usually a bit thicker than a traditional crepe and can be filled with sweet cheeses and topped with berries, or made savory and rolled with different meats. 

Serabi - These sweet cakes are eaten in Southeastern Asia, and are made from rice flour and coconut milk, topped with chocolate, fruit, nuts, or even cheese and meats. 

Palacinky - This is what pancakes are called in Northeastern European countries. They are thin and chewy, filled with diced apples, raisins, Nutella, or jams. Some even fill these cakes with cheese, pour yogurt over them, and bake them in the oven. 

Crepes - Found in France and other countries in Africa with a traditional French influence, crepes are paper-thin, made with a special flattening wooden tool and large griddle. They can be savory (ham and swiss cheese is a popular combination) or more dessert-like when served with fresh berries, bananas, creme fraiche, and chocolate sauce. 

English Lemon Sugar Crepes

Aebelskivers - In Denmark, pancakes are prepared with a special pot that has several small compartments for dough and oil. Placed in the oven, the cakes rise to form small balls and are dressed up with powdered sugar, jams, and syrups. 

German Pancakes/Dutch Babies - Usually found in America, these cakes are more egg-based and bowl-shaped, eaten typically with lemon, syrup, jams, and powdered sugar. 

German Pancake


Latkes - A traditional Jewish potato pancake, this is a savory snack that is eaten as a dinner side dish, especially during the High Holiday season. 

No matter which variety of pancakes are your favorite, make sure you celebrate National Pancake Day on March 1st with at least one of them! The Whiskware Batter Mixer can help you whip up any batter ingredients to be light, fluffy, and clump-free so you can dress up your cakes any way you choose. If you’re in the mood to try out a new pancake recipe, check out our blog

February 25, 2022

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