Tips and Tricks for Raising Happy Children


Parenthood is a full-time job, and a challenging one at that. Good parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but there are plenty of parenting skills that can make the journey a little easier.


You've probably heard or read about different parenting styles. There are several parenting styles to choose from, but positive parenting is one of the best options available. Positive parenting solutions focus on rewarding positive behaviors while discouraging negative ones, with the goal of raising happy children and creating a positive home environment for your entire family.


Because we're a kitchenware company, we love looking at ways to incorporate positive parenting solutions into prepping and cooking food. We have several suggestions for ways that a focus on healthy nutrition and quality time spent with your kids in the kitchen can support positive parenting.


Before we dive into these ideas, let's refresh our understanding of positive parenting solutions. Here are a few foundational tips for positive parenting:


  • Be consistent with your rules and expectations. When children know what to expect, they feel more secure and safe.


  • Try to be calm and positive when dealing with difficult situations. Yelling or using harsh words will only make things worse.


  • Explain the reasons behind your decisions. Children are more likely to cooperate if they understand why you are asking them to do something.


  • Spend time with your children. Quality time together helps build strong relationships and allows children to share their thoughts and feelings.


  • Give positive reinforcement whenever possible. Children love hearing that they’ve done well, and this type of encouragement can help them grow into confident adults.


With these good parenting skills in mind, here are some ideas you might want to try:


  • Nurture your children's nutritional needs. Make homemade lunches they can proudly take to school in an Insulated Lunch Box. Keep nutritious snacks on hand (and ready to grab and go for playdates and sport practices) in our Stackable Snack Packs. Use snack time to teach your kids about nutrition and set healthy, sensible boundaries around candy and junk food. You'll find our snack containers in a range of fun themes—including DC, Disney, and Star Wars designs—that are sure to appeal to both you and your children.


  • What makes your child hate eating vegetables? Help them develop a positive attitude toward fresh produce by learning to make a salad and salad dressing from scratch. Kids typically enjoy taking on responsibilities and feel like a vital component of the family unit when they're assigned tasks. A simple salad with homemade dressing is a wonderful place for any budding young chef to begin. Our Dressing Shaker allows kids to easily measure and help mix homemade dressing in a matter of seconds.


  • Another fun meal to prepare as a family is breakfast. For fast and simple pancakes and waffles, use our best-selling Batter Mixer or—if you're feeling creative—our Pancake Art Kit. Both make measuring and mixing simple, which gives even young children a chance to experience a sense of accomplishment. Depending on their experience level, allow your kids to take charge or guide them as needed.


  • Can a chore like taking out the trash help develop happy children? You bet. According to this study, completing chores like washing the dishes or removing the trash after a meal might be a good predictor of long-term success for your kids. Children who are involved in activities develop "a sense of responsibility, competence, self-reliance, and self-worth that lasts throughout their lives."


Good parenting skills involve setting boundaries and limits for your children, as well as providing positive reinforcement when they behave in a positive way. Keep this in mind as you approach the positive parenting tips and tricks suggested above, and you'll be well on your way to raising happy children who grow up to be happy, healthy adults.


February 04, 2022

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