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Frozen Dessert Bar

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Here’s a delicious dessert idea that kids are sure to love: create an ice cream or frozen yogurt bar for a backyard birthday party or a picnic in the park. An array of toppings—packed in convenient, easy-carry Whiskware™ Stackable Snack Packs—will ensure that everyone finds their favorite treat!

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Toppings of Choice:

  • Directions

    1. Step 1.

      Fill several Whiskware™ Stackable Snack Packs with toppings. Pack frozen dessert (in an ice-packed cooler or freezer bag), Snack Packs, ice cream scoops, small bowls, and spoons and head to party location.

    2. Step 2.

      To set up topping bar, simply detach each individual Snack Pack jar and remove its lid. Arrange the jars in a row and set out bowls, spoons, and scoops. Bring out the frozen dessert and invite everyone to dig in!

    Recipe Note


    Kids (and kids at heart) will get a kick out of creating custom ice cream bowls.


    Whiskware™ Stackable Snack Packs let you say bye-bye to plastic bags.

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