Pancake Art Kit

Life's Too Short for
Boring Pancakes

Take breakfast to a whole new level with the
Whiskware™ Pancake Art Kit

2 Pancake Shapers

create fun pancakes everyone will love

Pancake Art Bottle

draw fine lines for more precise details

Batter Mixer

easily mix and dispenses batter




Add ingredients and the heavy-duty BlenderBall® whisk to the batter mixer.


Shake to blend ingredients.


Pour batter into greased pancake shapers or straight onto the griddle.




Combine pre-mixed batter and 1-2 tsp of cocoa powder in the smaller bottle. Add the mini BlenderBall® whisk and shake


Draw a design using the cocoa batter and let cook for 20-30 seconds.


Fill in remaining space with batter from the larger bottle for a two-toned creation!


Download the Whiskware Pancake Art App (iOS or Android) and browse dozens of fun video tutorials for everything from animals to robots to emojis. New videos added weekly!


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Does this really work?

Yes. Yes it does.

Do I need to remove the BlenderBall® if I store extra batter in the fridge?

Nope. The BlenderBall is made from electropolished 316 surgical-grade stainless steel. (Which basically means that it’s of the same quality as surgical instruments.) It’s designed to remain inside the bottle until you’ve used up all the batter.

How many pancakes does this make?

That depend on the size of the pancakes. In general, we find that it makes enough pancakes to feed a family of four.

What kind of batter can I mix with this?

The batter mixer is perfect for pancake, waffle, and crepe batters (from scratch or from a mix), and just about anything else with similar consistency. We don’t recommend using it to mix up thicker batters such as those for muffins, though your mileage may vary.