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Whether you're planning an afternoon hike or a weekend outdoor adventure, explore the 10 best hiking snacks to carry with you on the trail for long lasting energy!


Did you know that in the US, the fourth most popular outdoor activity is hiking? There is almost nothing better than an early autumn hike – the feeling of cool air echoes around you and the changing leaves crunch under your feet as you greet the day. 


The only thing about hiking is keeping up your stamina. The best way to do this is to always carry snacks that give you a boost of energy. 


Unsure what should be carried along in your backpack? Let's take a look at some of the best hiking snacks. These are just a few suggestions to keep you going through your next expedition. 


1. Jerky

Jerky packs a ton of protein and can be carted around in backpacks and pockets easily. This snack is a great on-the-go grab when you're heading out into nature. Jerky comes in a variety of meats and seasonings so everyone can be happy. 


2. Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks aren't just for your kids! There are healthier varieties made from real fruit that can be a great light and healthy snack for your outdoor adventures–just be sure to find snack storage that prevents them from melting, like our Whiskware Snacking Containers. 


3. Cheese and Crackers 

Cheese and crackers make for an easy-to-pack snack that can be tucked away for later. You can buy them pre-assembled or DIY some packs with your favorites. These types of snacks also keep in all different types of weather. It's one of the quickest and easiest travel packs to throw together, and there are options for everyone! 


4. Trail Mix 

Sweet, salty, and oh so crunchy – who doesn’t love trail mix? It can be comprised of so many different options from chocolate and nuts to dried fruit and seeds! Pre-assembled trail mix comes with various seasonings and ingredients, but for a truly custom experience (with no bad bits), make your own! 


5. Tuna

Tuna makes a great little protein-packed snack for hikes. Enjoy it with crackers, chips, or straight up with a camping fork. Pro tip: pack your own spice pack to give it a little kick, like celery salt, garlic powder, or paprika! 


6. Nut Butters 

Looking for a great alternative to peanut butter? Nut butters are always full of nutrients and protein that the hot sun and long days require. Nut butters can be made from almonds, cashews, and so much more! Take some veggies, fruit, or crackers along for a dip. 


7. Fresh Fruit

What is better than biting into a fresh piece of fruit when you're thirsty and in the middle of nowhere? Many fruits can be cut up and stored safely away to give you more hydration and added vitamins during your hike. Figure out which fruits will keep best in the weather on your busy day. 


8. Go Nuts for Nuts

Different types of nuts can be an asset when it comes to protein and energy. If you're looking for a quick snack that's easy to pack, don't cross things like almonds and cashews off of your list. These snacks are great for on the go and you can easily store and grab them out of your bag.


9. Granola

A good option for those long hours on the trail is always granola. Granola is a great fiber-heavy snack that can be enjoyed while you're on the go. Mix in a few chocolate or peanut butter chips for a sweet treat. 


10. Any Excuse for Chocolate 

Chocolate (especially the dark variety) has the energy boost that you may need halfway through your hike. Plus, it’s packed with many different vitamins and antioxidants, and comes in several different flavors and textures. Grab the type you like best for a quick nibble while you're out in the wilderness.

If you're setting out on an early morning adventure, be sure to grab hiking snacks before heading out. Always carry snacks with you to keep up your energy while you're out in nature. This will give you the clarity you need to keep on your course. 

Ready to find those hiking essentials and snack storage containers? Shop with us before you head off on your next big adventure.

October 04, 2022

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