Stacked snack recipes perfect for Whiskware Snacking Containers.

If you’re anything like us, you think about food nearly all the time. Sure, we make products to help prep and cook, so it makes sense that food is on our minds. But we also love to eat. Look around our office and you’ll see Whiskware staff members munching away, any time of day. You can bet we put our Whiskware Snacking Containers to good use!

We’re always dreaming up snack-alicious combos to bring to work, or to pack for our weekends at play. And since snacking is one of our favorite things, we figured we’d share our best build-a-snack ideas with you. Try these, and let us know what you—and your tummy—think.


Pack a Stack of Mini Containers—Featuring one each of 1/4-cup, 1/2-cup, and 2/3-cup jars.


Chunky Monkey Mix

dark chocolate chips / banana chips / chunky granola

build a snack


Island-Style Trail Mix

coconut M&Ms / dried pineapple chunks / mixed Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and cashews

build a snack


Antioxidant Bliss

dried cherries / pomegranate seeds / mixed toasted pecans and walnuts

build a snack 


Savory Slather

garlic hummus / cucumber slices / pretzel sticks

build a snack


Pack a Stack of Midsize Containers—Featuring one 1/3-cup and two 1-cup jars.


Waldorf Salad

chopped walnuts / Greek yogurt / mixed diced apples and grapes

build a snack 


Peanut Butter Blackberry Mash Up

peanut butter / fresh blackberries / whole-grain crackers

build a snack 


Asian-Fusion Snack Pack

cottage cheese / cooked edamame / rice cracker snack mix

build a snack 


Aloha Parfait

mix of coconut chips, hemp hearts & cacao nibs / diced fresh mango / Greek yogurt

 build a snack


Pack a Stack of Both—When you’re hungry for a bigger snack, multiple snacks, or even a main meal on the go.


Dip Mania

3-pepper hummus / pretzel sticks / apple slices

almond butter / carrot sticks / celery sticks

build a snack 

build a snack


Greek-ish Salad

cottage cheese / plum tomatoes / sliced bell pepper

pumpkin seeds / Kalamata olives / sliced cucumber

build a snack



Picnic Lunch

hard-boiled egg / cubed sharp cheddar cheese / grapes

dark chocolate chips / candied pecans / crackers



Not So Basic Breakfast

granola / fresh diced cantaloupe / skyr (Icelandic yogurt)

mixed chia seeds and shredded coconut / slivered almonds / fresh blueberries


Have a build-a-snack suggestion to share? Post it in the comments below. Our ever-grumbling bellies thank you!

August 08, 2017

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