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Find out why this is a must-have kitchen tool for bakers!


You love baking in the kitchen, you love eating what you’ve baked in the kitchen, but it's so messy! Powdered sugar, flour, and batter are three culprits that make baking a pain. Say goodbye to frustration and endless clean-up! A cupcake batter dispenser makes baking a breeze and clean-ups a one-swipe job.


But…what is a cupcake batter dispenser? The Whiskware Batter Dispenser is designed to not only make clean-up easier but to mix and pour the perfect baked goods every time. The best part is, this dispenser isn't just for cupcakes – you can use it for waffles, pancakes, crepes, muffins, or even homemade sauces. 


The Benefits of a Batter Dispenser: 

The sleek design of the dispenser enables you to easily measure and fill it with your ingredients and then shake to creamy perfection. The Whiskware Dispenser enables you to transfer the batter from the dispenser straight to your cupcake liners with precision. No drips or drops!


Then there’s the clean up. Since all of your batter is measured and mixed in the dispenser, you don't have to worry about transferring the ingredients to another bowl and spilling it in the process. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe and BPA free.


Because of its compact design, the dispenser is also multi-purpose and is great for those who love to camp or road trip! It simplifies portion control, allowing you to make the perfect sizes of pancakes and waffles without waste.


The silicone tip withstands heat up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit making it an ideal way to create elaborate pancake designs on a hot griddle.


Making the Perfect Cupcakes

This Whiskware tool is the best cupcake batter dispenser. It allows you to put in the right amount of batter in each cupcake liner for a perfectly even fill every time. 


The dispenser also makes it easy for your kids to help out in the kitchen. By sealing the dispenser lid with your ingredients, they can safely shake up the batter to their heart’s content! You can also get creative by adding food coloring and special surprise ingredients. 


And, if you’re more of a chef than a baker, use the dispenser for homemade sauces and syrups!


The Whiskware Batter Dispenser stands the test of time and makes the perfect gift for you or your favorite baker. Order today and get ready to up your baking game!

February 15, 2023

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