poppy seed vinaigrette in a Whiskware Dressing Shaker sitting on a wicker serving mat with a fresh salad

We’ve all got that one person in our families (or maybe it’s you?) who thinks salads are pretty ho-hum. With a bounty of fresh produce in the summer and a pinch of Whiskware innovation in the kitchen, this does not have to be the case! Not only healthy for you, fresh salads can also taste delicious and compliment nearly any meal. While ancient Romans used to douse their veggies in oil and vinegar, there are so many more concoctions you can make in the comfort of your home today to jazz up this summertime staple! 

Taco salads are the perfect warm weather backyard meal – throw a little grilled meat on some leaf lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, corn, chips, beans and avocados and top it off with this Dressing. 

This 3 ingredient Maple Balsamic Dressing is a sweet, easy kick to add to grilled veggies or a fresh, cold salad. 

Chop up some fruit, add in mixed berries, nuts, crumbled cheese and some field greens and you’ve got a perfectly sweet salad with the addition of this homemade Poppyseed Dressing. 

If you’ve got an herb garden growing, now is their time to shine! This flavorful, Creamy Herb Dressing is the perfect compliment to your (or the grocery store’s) summer veggie harvest.
August 08, 2022

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