various flavors of ice cream sandwiches made with waffles instead of cookie

August 2nd is Ice Cream Sandwich Day! It’s one of our favorite desserts that is so fun to make AND eat, and when you have them around, everyone wants one (or three). The classic ice cream sandwich, made with two chocolate wafers and vanilla ice cream, started popping up with street vendors and ball parks as early as 1900 and only cost 1 penny each! Sure, you could opt for the store bought variety (we won’t judge), but why not try making them at home any way you’d like?? Take a look at a few ideas we have from our recipe blog! 

Ditch the cookies and make these ice cream sandwiches breakfast-ready! Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Have a summer party and lay out all the cookies, ice cream and toppings your heart desires! Ice Cream Sandwich Party. 

Scoop some fruit flavored or vanilla ice cream between two of these yummy cookies. Lemon Curd Cookies.
August 02, 2022

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