Mango Coconut Pancakes

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Why not conjure the flavors of paradise on a cold winter morning? Or indulge in the aloha vibe, no matter how far you are from an actual island? The tropical taste of these Mango Coconut Pancakes will transport your taste buds, guaranteed!
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2 pancakes

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  1. Step 1.

    Directions Lightly grease and preheat a griddle or large skillet. Add all ingredients from milk through baking powder to your Whiskware Batter Mixer and shake until combined. Pour rounds of batter onto griddle or skillet, then add a generous amount of diced mango to each pancake. Cook until golden, flipping once. Serve topped with a dollop of coconut-flavored yogurt, additional mango, shredded coconut, and pure maple syrup or honey.

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WHIP THIS UP WHEN: Escape to the tropics - from the comfort of your own kitchen! DON'T FORGET: The Whiskware Batter Mixer helps you blend perfect pancake, crepe, or waffle batter, with minimal mess. Your countertops will love you!

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