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Savory Corn, Cheddar, & Scallion Pancakes

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Not all pancakes are created equal; these savory hot cakes certainly stand apart. A combo of corn, cheddar cheese, and scallions makes for a delicious meal—especially when slathered in melted butter and sweetened with honey.

Image of Savory Corn, Cheddar, & Scallion Pancakes



  1. Step 1.

    Lightly grease and preheat a griddle or large skillet.

  2. Step 2.

    Add all ingredients from milk through baking powder to your Whiskware™ Batter Mixer and shake until combined.

  3. Step 3.

    Pour rounds of batter onto griddle or skillet, then add a generous amount of thawed frozen corn kernels, grated sharp cheddar cheese, and diced scallions to each pancake. Cook until golden, flipping once.

  4. Step 4.

    Serve topped with butter and honey.

Recipe Note


Morning, noon, or night, you can’t go wrong with the tasty comfort of savory pancakes, fresh off the griddle.


The Whiskware™ Batter Mixer helps you blend perfect pancake, crepe, or waffle batter, with minimal mess. Your countertops will love you!

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