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Pancake Art Idea: Snowman Pancake

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Winter is just around the corner and the snow has already started falling. Nothing soothes the soul more than a hot plate of pancakes on a cold morning. This is the perfect beginner pancake art idea to get started using garnish and other ingredients while keeping the design simple.

Want to spice things up? Try making gingerbread or pumpkin spice pancakes to add some extra flavor to your creation.

Image of Pancake Art Idea: Snowman Pancake



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  1. Step 1.

    Heat your griddle to medium heat.

  2. Step 2.

    Pour two round pancakes, one smaller than the other.

  3. Step 3.

    Wait until bubbles form to flip.

  4. Step 4.

    Finish cooking.

  5. Step 5.


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