grilled shrimp sitting on a plate next to a Whiskware Dressing Shaker

Marinades have been around for centuries – people all over the world have used salts, sauces, and other ingredients to soften their meat and veggies and make them more flavorful. One of the very first marinades used by the Romans was sea water! The salty liquid would seep into the meat before it was cooked to give it an improved texture and more desirable taste. Today, marinades have evolved to allow you to add pretty much any flavor infusion to any meat or veggie or tofu (if that’s your thing). 

Below are some of our favorite marinade recipes we’ve used and tested over the years. They’re simple to whip up and would be a great addition to any meal this summer: 

BBQ Shrimp Marinade - “Throwing some shrimp on the barbie” isn’t just for our neighbors down under – it makes for a delicious summer meal with this 5 minute garlic-basil marinade, too! 

Whether you’re a chicken or steak lover, this Fajita Marinade will be the perfect addition to a backyard summer fiesta. 

Nothing is more classically summer than sitting in the backyard listening to the sprinklers, watching the sunset, and eating a perfectly cooked steak. If this is your happy place, try this BBQ Marinade.
July 12, 2022
Tags: BBQ Marinade

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