Father's Day Pancake Art

Father's Day Pancakes To Thank The Dad In Your Life

He’s your rock. Your pillar of strength and reliability. Your mentor. Your ball-tossing buddy. Your hero. Your family’s Mr. Fix It, with his mad man skills. He can do anything,and do it well—even cook his own pancakes, but today he shouldn’t have to.
How to Make the Perfect Pancake

How to Make the Perfect Pancake

Few breakfast foods are quite as enticing as a stack of fluffy pancakes. Creating the perfect pancake for a healthy breakfast might be a little hard at first, but when you follow our tips, you’ll have everyone licking their plates clean.
Rose Valentines Day Pancake

3 Pancake Ideas To Impress Your Valentine on Valentine's Day

Who wouldn't love a Valentine's Day meal in the shape of a heart?  Surprise your sweetheart with some creative, Valentine's Day themed pancakes.  These ideas are a fun way to take an ordinary pancake meal, and turn it into a Valentine's Day highlight.  
how to make pancake art

Learn How To Make Pancake Art

The Whiskware™ Pancake Art Kit has everything you need to get started in your quest to learn how to make pancake art.  We chose a couple of our favorite pancake art designs and created these instructional videos to help you get started.
Morning Gains: Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

Morning Gains: Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

With the new year just beginning and everyone starting their new year's resolutions, we thought we would share a pancake recipe that will help you get the protein you need to achieve your fitness goals. This chocolate protein pancakes recipe is a great way to add a little protein to a usually high-carb breakfast like pancakes. No special ingredients, all you need is the whey chocolate protein powder you already use for your protein shakes.