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Ways To Use Your Batter Dispenser

Home statistics show that around 36% of people cook at home on a daily basis. Including tasty foods like homemade crepes and pancakes for breakfast or brunch.    

Anybody cooking at home can benefit from a myriad of different kitchen gadgets to make their lives easier. But how can you decide which ones are worth it? A batter dispenser sets the bar high in a number of uses that speed up your meal prep, reduce mess, and increase fun in the kitchen!  

Let’s explore just a few of the various applications for a batter dispenser in YOUR kitchen:  


1. Pancakes and Waffles

Let’s start with the obvious one: creating delicious pancakes and waffles is a whole lot easier with a batter dispenser. 
There’s a lot of preferences that come into play when preparing pancake and waffle batter including thickness, fluff, and mix-ins. The Whiskware Dispenser provides the freedom to make your batter recipe any way you like, including those with blueberries and chocolate chips.
A kitchen gadget like this makes it easy to pour out your batter without creating a mess. It also allows you to keep the batter contained in one container. You can mix your batter and pour it all into this one dispenser. So you can avoid dirtying a bunch of dishes without having to when making breakfast.
This dispenser allows you to carefully pour out pancakes or waffles without pouring too much. It also keeps you from dripping batter all over your kitchen in the process.
Try your hand at making Classic Whiskware Pancakes or Waffles to see how easy using a batter mixer and dispenser truly is. 


2. Homemade Funnel Cake

A typically challenging dessert to make at home can be made surprisingly easy with a batter dispenser. Working around hot oil on the stove while simultaneously pouring funnel cake batter can be an intimidating feat. 


With this dispenser, you have total control over how much batter comes out and how fast. All without dripping or spilling it as you try to pour your funnel cakes.


Funnel cakes are no longer reserved for carnivals and fairs, try it out at your next party or gathering. We even picked out a recipe for you. 


3. Cupcakes

Using a cupcake batter dispenser is a brilliant way to bake without making a mess. Cupcakes are another dessert that can be quite messy to create. Cupcakes have to be poured into their cupcake holders before going into the oven. This task often leaves trails of batter on the counter and on the pan.


A dispenser helps you to control the flow of batter so that every cup is filled equally. Helping your cupcakes to all bake evenly and rise to the same height.


4. Homemade Crepes

Homemade crepes are delicious and make the perfect breakfast, brunch, or dessert. They are like pancakes only much thinner and are served differently.


Crepes can be difficult to make at home as the batter is very runny and can be hard to control. If you pour too much batter out, the crepe will be thick and rubbery.


A batter dispenser completely solves this problem by controlling the batter for you. Making it ideal for such a thin batter that would otherwise go all over the place.


Using a dispenser minimizes any spills or drips and helps you to use just the right amount of batter. This way, each and every crepe will come out perfectly.


Try out this classic crepe recipe the next time you’re craving a fun breakfast!


5. Glazes

A kitchen gadget like a dispenser is a great option for glazes. These are typically quite runny and can be hard to pour over desserts by hand without making a mess.


A dispenser solves this problem and helps you to glaze desserts beautifully. All without pouring too much or too little glaze in the process.


This is a great option for a donut glaze that needs to be poured over individual donuts. Or you could use it to glaze a cake or individual cookies.


There are even more uses than listed above for your batter dispenser. They’re also great for storing leftover batter in the fridge for later use or even in the great outdoors for making delicious pancakes while camping. 


Do you want to buy a batter dispenser for your kitchen? Check out these options!

October 27, 2022

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