pancakes stacked four high with mangos between the layers

One of the quickest ways to transport your senses to a tropical locale is to add a little coconut to your meals! Originating in the Southeast Asian islands, coconuts made their way to the USA and have been a beloved fruit, flavor, and garnish ever since. They’re not only delicious, but high in fiber, good fats, and the water inside is super hydrating and good for your skin! 

Here’s a couple of our favorite ways to add coconut to your diet:

If you’re into a protein-packed breakfast, there’s no better combo than coconut + chia seeds. These pancakes deliver on taste and good-for-you ingredients. Just top with fresh fruit and agave and you’re good to go! 

Another great breakfast option are these easy yet decadent Mango-Coconut Pancakes. A sweet and satisfying morning wakeup call that will please the whole family! 

And if it’s a late night coconutty snack you’re craving, you can’t go wrong with this Coconut Curry Popcorn for a tangy, unique treat while watching a movie.
August 18, 2022

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