It’s the day many of us celebrate on a regular basis, but now it’s official – National Waffle Day! We celebrate this beloved breakfast treat on August 24th because that’s the day Cornelius Swarthout got a patent for the very first US waffle iron in 1869! Waffles existed long before then, all over the world, but the waffle iron made the creation of the dish much easier and more accessible at home. 

Obviously the best way to celebrate National Waffle Day is to make your own at home, but there are so many ways to do it! Here are a few of our favorite ways to do up your waffles right: 

This Classic Waffle recipe can be dressed up with anything your heart desires – from berries and whipped cream, to peanut butter and chocolate chips, savory fried chicken, or the standard butter and syrup! 
waffles on a plate with syrup on top garnished with strawberries. everything is sitting on a wooden table
Who says waffles have to be for breakfast? Why not try these BLT Waffle Sandwiches for lunch or dinner? 
A bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich between two waffles with vegetables staged in the background with a bottle of syrup

Fall is just around the corner, so these Pumpkin Waffles will be perfect for when chilly mornings hit and you need something quick, easy, and filling.
pumpkin flavored waffles sitting on a plate garnished with walnuts surrounded by staged items like cinnamon sticks, syrup, and a Whiskware Batter Mixer










August 24, 2022

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