Shamrock Cereal Snacks

A delectable treat for St. Patty's Day that your kids will adore. Their playdate and schoolmate pals will be green with envy when you pack a Whiskware, Stackable Snack Pack with tiny green clover bites so be sure to pack enough to share!

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I Love You Strawberry Snack Pack

Looking for a Valentine's treat for your little ones to satisfy their sweet cravings, but worried about serving too much sugar? How about pairing healthy homemade strawberry chips with dark-chocolate-dipped pretzels and gummy candies? We call that a delicious compromise! Choose a Whiskware, Stackable Snack Pack featuring their favorite character...

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Gone Nuts Roasted & Salted Nuts

Don't like plain raw nuts? Try roasting your own with olive oil and sea salt. They're simple to make, you can use any type of nuts, and you can easily alter the salt to the exact proportion you prefer. Here's how:

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