Tomato, Cucumber and Quinoa Salad

Loosely based on Middle Eastern tabbouleh salad, this easy make-ahead salad combines tomatoes (sweet and ripe any time of year) with cucumber and quinoa for a bright and refreshing salad that's hearty enough to serve as a light meal.

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Root Vegetable & Lentil Salad with Tatziki Dressing

Kick off a healthy-eating New Year's resolution with this warm and hearty salad. It features tangy tatziki dressing, roasted root vegetables, protein and iron-rich lentils, and plenty of herbs for a unique mix of refreshing flavors.

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Irish Pub Salad

Way beyond potatoes! Our Irish Pub Salad turns traditional Irish cooking on its head with a healthy meal you'll be surprised to find served up in nearly every pub.

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Grateful Grain and Arugula Salad

Here's a holiday side dish you'll truly be thankful for! This Grateful Grain and Arugula Salad is simple to make, yet adds sophisticated flavor to your Thanksgiving table. Plus, it incorporates both grains and greens, giving a unique twist to traditional salad or rice.

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Honeycrisp Apple Salad

It's tough to beat the sweet, fresh flavor of Honeycrisp apples. Here, they're combined with candied pecans, dried fruit, pungent blue cheese, and a homemade vinaigrette in a vibrant salad for your holiday celebration.

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Citrus Pomegranate Christmas Salad

Want a quick and colorful salad to add healthy greens and fresh flavors to your winter table? You can't go wrong with this Citrus Pomegranate Christmas Salad, which is easy to assemble and sure to become a part of your family's traditional holiday menu.

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