slices of banana and apple sitting on a pile of waffles covered in maple syrup

Bananas may be one of the world’s most popular fruits, but there are some pretty interesting things that aren’t widely known about them, like…

  • Bananas are actually berries.
  • They have been grown and consumed for about 10,000 years in southeast Asia
  • The nation that eats the most bananas in the world is India
  • Their skin helps cure the sting from some insect bites
  • They have only been in the United States since the Civil War
  • In the early days, bananas weren’t grown for food, but to make cloth
  • With their potassium content, bananas are considered radioactive! But don’t worry, you’d need to eat literally hundreds of bananas a day to be at risk of that type of exposure. 
  • Most importantly, they are good FOR us. Bananas can help with heart disease, muscle cramps, vitamin C and D absorption, as well as getting your daily dose of potassium and folate. 

With all of the amazing things bananas can do, why not whip up a few recipes this week with them? 

For breakfast, you really can’t go wrong with this Pecan Banana Cinnamon Pancakes or Banana Bread French Toast recipe. 

And for an afternoon snack or a sweet end to any meal, these banana-based desserts are sure to please a crowd: Banana Souffle and Banana Hazelnut Crepes.
August 29, 2022

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